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***midlife crisis: alone on the beach***

alone on the beach


it is just a day

not vacation

merely tuesday

merely sand

merely water

it is always strange

when what was so sought after

becomes every day

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***the contrived***

the contrived

i realized why

i never liked the zoo.

it is fake


i loved being out

and seeing the animals first hand.

but the zoo

is a prison


the truth is

i did love the zoo

when i was little.

i did love to go to the MN zoo

when i was young

i had always heard of the pandas

in San Diego

and DC

and thought I was missing out.

I have been to both of those zoos.

Nothing holds a candle to the MN zoo

MN just needs some pandas.

and then they are the best zoo


although it would make me so very sad

if i saw

that the tapir is still walking the same path

that he was

when i was 7