***bearing witness: nighttime surveillance***

if a tree falls in the woods

and no one is there to hear it?

did it actually fall?


this goofy cliche has been in my head

it came up as a joke

but the truth is

someone is ALWAYS there to observe

i can only imagine this phrase was created to serve the needs

of a sociopathic narcissist

because isn’t it obvious that

the sky bears witness

the insects bear witness

the birds bear witness

how convenient to think another being doesn’t lurk in the shadows

and that any crime can go undetected?


oftentimes people think they get away with their actions

they claim ignorance

say you are too sensitive

shift the blame

and manipulate the naivety of another.

when a gesture was omitted. out of spite

i saw the spite.

I might not have recognized it until later.

but I never forgot.

I saw the intent.

when a hardship was put upon another. out of spite.

i saw the spite.

and so there is always someone to bear witness

to the jealousy. to the spite.


under the cover of dark

using my infrared camera

and my infrared flash

i blended with the landscape

but i came and went nearly undetected

i have the proof

of the things that seemed hidden

forever saved

in 0’s and 1’s

in a language that is irrefutable.


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