***series: midlife crisis***

I started a new series of images

focusing on my struggle

“midlife crisis”

for 19 years i have given my life over

to follow and support

my path deeply changed

as a result


with handcuffs on my opportunities

I managed to find my happiness

in fits and starts


there is an aspect to being in the shadows

that becomes rather


but when the shroud is removed

the shackles unlocked

it can be rather overwhelming

as walking into bright snow-covered daylight

is blinding

when emerging from cabin fever


the excuses are gone

the rolodex is permanently reshuffled

but all the cards are blank

 i no longer know where

to place

my thoughts


who am i?

what do i do?

I am new in the area

have no connection or leads

i don’t know how to create

a resume that could possibly detail my potential


what is my potential?


i might suggest

that i have a greater understanding

of the term

mid-life crisis

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