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***daily visual gratitude***



this image is very graphic!

I love the simplicity of graphic print work.

I think this image represents that style.

It is interesting that I am considering that

almost three years after I captured it.

I know exactly why it appealed to me.

The simple and bold signs

juxtaposed with the old French building.

The bright blue sky.

But the little detail that most would miss

is Space Invader

the famous graffiti artist whose work can be found around Europe

left his mark just a couple meters up.


***daily visual gratitude***



No, it’s Thursday.

clearly I am using the term ‘daily’

rather loosely.

As much as I try to fight it

distraction is my enemy.

It knocks me off course

and so here I am treading water

and trying to get back to smooth sailing.

Being married to a man in the military

is not good for my ADHD artistic personality.

I struggle to find my way

back onto my little self-inflicted path

and each bump makes me more and more angry

that I have to regroup for as many days as I was interrupted.

I should be used to interruption by now.

I am not.


***daily visual gratitude***

an American cemetery

in Luxembourg

honoring soldiers fallen during WWII


most of whom died during the Battle of the Bulge



the sky is blue

the clouds keep moving

but the shadow remains

forever and always

of 5076 souls

and for the many more

who lost their beloved


***behind the scenes***


with Pucci



***balancing act***


is certainly

a balancing act






_PRB9539 _PRB9543 _PRB9547

***daily visual gratitude***


I actually thought things were hard back then

all the traveling

it made me weary.

And, I WAS weary.

As an artist, the hardest thing to do is capture momentum.

But, once you have it, it is often smooth sailing.

However, when you do not,

it is deeply frustrating.

I would work for a couple of weeks and gain momentum.

And, then we would travel for the weekend.

I would return

feeling lost.

It would take me two or three days to even get my engine going again.

Just in time for another weekend

and for more travel.

And, it seems absurd to say that I wasn’t working enough.

I would travel

and take the very pictures that I am sharing.

I would learn the brilliant lessons

that can only come from practice

trial and error

good and back luck.

But some cities did not speak to me.

I expected that each one would.

And, I worked the entire time.

Never did I let my brain rest.

Always searching for the next perfect photo.

I never once let myself off the hook.

I felt like I walked into a brick wall every 10 days or so

causing bruising

that took time to heal.

But I truly did not know

what was to come.

Back in 2011

I only had to answer my own expectations of myself.

That was a luxury I can only hope to reattain

if I am ever so lucky.

Letting myself off the hook

has become a way of life.

And, yet, now, that is not even enough.

Now I am living minute by minute.


***daily visual gratitude***


another of my series

of street photography

is ‘out my window’

I love to take pictures out the window

when we are on the go.

Any window.

As long as it is a vehicle in motion.

And, sometimes the sunroof is the best option.


***daily visual gratitude***


today is a repost

of one of my favorite pictures

I took this image in Poland

and the joy I felt

discovering Gdansk

I can still remember it

when I look at this picture.

I think that this picture might represent the start

of the ‘Architectural Ballet’ wing

of my ‘Flat Haus’ series.

Of course, this was a picture I took very quickly.

I often do that.

Or I did that years ago at least.

I found that my brain often halted my creativity

by over-composing.

Wide angle is very forgiving in that regard.

It wasn’t until later

as I viewed this image at home

that I realized the human-like qualities

that the buildings portray.

Hence, ‘Architectural Ballet’.



so, now that I have shared a few of my images

that demonstrate one of my favorite styles of imagery

‘Flat Haus’

I will give a little hint explaining how I take these shots

First off.  I have a full frame sensor and a super-wide angle lens

I look for flat light.

Usually I prefer the shadows during daylight.

I expose for the shadows.

I take the image from a very close vantage point.

I stand dead center in front of my subject if I am on foot.

And, I angle my camera so that the flat building is parallel to my lens

This is very important because wide angle will distort in a very unattractive way.

HOWEVER, I angle my camera and lens around 45 degrees to the sky/horizon INTENTIONALLY

so that the lines of the building will be distorted.

My aperture is usually at 2.8 and my ISO below 400.

I snap the image, being certain that my shutter speed is at least 1/100th of a second

but that is usually not a problem in broad daylight.

And, voila, Flat Haus.


here is a shot of the rig that lived overseas with me

I love my 14-24mm!




***daily visual gratitude***


two days of migraine

left me feeling not at all inspired

and today

i have

post migraine energy drain


i am going to just take it slow

and post a simple picture

basic color

and simple lines_PR32105

***daily visual gratitude***


another point of view

of the same subject

is always prudent to consider

but interpreting a scene

in a different way

can yield

a far more complicated image

that involves new angles


that had been cropped out

their thoughts rejected

and important aspects

that did not fit into the simple little box

where that one point of view

is the center focus

for all to either accept or defy


***daily visual gratitude***


in perfect balance

sometimes i am overwhelmed by color

that is why i like black and white

its simplicity is comforting

in a world

that moves too fast

but here…

the red

well, it just



***daily visual gratitude***

on a trip

sitting at a street cafe

enjoying a refreshment

viewing the beautiful architecture

and the company of my boys


naaaah.  I hate this in color.

_PR32081 bnw

***daily inspiration***

i have been needing inspiration lately


so as a reminder that I HAVE taken some cool pictures before

i am going to make an effort to post some.

i will post many that i have never shared before

but of course

some of them have to be re-edits of my old favorites


today i begin with

a reminder of Venice