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***this is my favorite***

my simple thoughts

i am not sure if it is right

to be awed by my own picture

it sounds a little egotistical

but that is surely not the case

what really happened here

is that i was pushed

to step outside my comfort zone

under the pressure of time

and with an audience

working with two gifted photographers

who had no qualms about the assignment

unlike introverted me.

i draw the emotion from my work


with quiet contemplation

in retrospect

and this one


it silences me.

i can hardly believe i created it

i have shared it twice on facebook

but what to say on my blog?

has eluded me

other than….

i am so grateful for the experience

in the colorado mountains

working with talented artists

who drew me out

and pushed me past my comfort zone

of course

thank you to angelina

for understanding my vision

and knowing exactly what i meant

when i said i loved dead trees.

thank you to mare and robin

for taking me to a beautiful location

and then challenging me

to demand what i wanted

above the power of your confidence

in other words

for forcing me to KNOW what i want and TAKE it.

and thank you to that cowboy

who drove us to a different location

so i could conjure a different vision.

truly this was a work of many

and i will always see the four of you

when i smile at this image.


***mmmmm fresh air…..***

my simple thoughts

oh it is so nice

to get away

to breath fresh air

to see the open wide

nothing to clog

the waves

the thick crud

of desperation

up for sale in mass

playing that little game

with a dependence on silicon

never the choices from within

the true heart of the emotion

merely a manufactured expectation

of what makes money.

i am not afraid

i know what i know

my hours cannot be compressed

or replicated

and quite frankly

i just don’t miss the buzz

around my head.

that said

 a little fly

would never scare me away.

i know adversity.

and that cannot be found

in the hallmark aisle.

_PRB4653 copy


my simple thoughts

and so

today we discussed


and it is curious

how much we create our own prison

by the expectations

we create


i have considered the stories

i write in my head

i have considered myself

a realist

my entire life

when i compare stories

i know what is right

but perception is a fickle friend

i have always admitted faults

because i prefer to live in a world

that exists

but even i

can create  my own shackles

_PRB3806-Recovered copy

***soaking in brilliance***

my simple thoughts

this past weekend i traveled to colorado

for a workshop with a photographer


whose work speaks to me

on so many different levels

her images are more than simply beautiful

they evoke emotions

of a full spectrum

she pours her raw soul into her work

and yet she is not so far outside the mainstream

that her art

is only accessible behind the private glass of a gallery


the most important thing i learned

from Jennifer Hudson

was not her aesthetic

i love it

i understand it

i feel it

the simple backgrounds

the hair

the make up

the dresses.

the balance.

that is just stuff.

it was not her message.

i have understood that

since I listened to her speak at WPPI.

it wasn’t even seeing how she worked with her models

to achieve her photograph.

that is merely technique.

what i learned

i wasn’t sure that I COULD learn

at the beginning of the first shoot

it filled me with self-doubt

and anxiety.

i wanted to see

what she saw

i wanted to understand

what she was looking for.

i snapped frame after frame

hoping i could get the correct angle

so i could study the poses later.

but i haven’t even looked at them yet.

after watching her create images

with 5 models in four locations

over the period of two days

i believe i actually began to see it.

this sort of education

cannot be found in a book

or a classroom

at least, not for me.

i do not know how to convey my appreciation

except to say

i am forever grateful

thank you Jenn.

please click to see the images Jenn created here