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***viewable discrimination***

viewable discrimination

50% does not mean equal sides

i have been updating my redbubble account today

as i browsed my archives

this image really struck me

i took it at the wailing wall in jerusalem

i remember how that felt

when i was sent to the women’s side

while the boys went to the other side.

that was bad enough.

it wasn’t until we took a step back

and saw the overall view

that i realized what a stark difference there was

between men and women

at this ancient holy place of worship

there were no tables

no places to rest

for the females

we had less than a third of the place

for 50% of the population

and given that it was friday

it was not merely visitors

this is an active place of worship

why do we agree to this

such obvious disparagement?

photographically, it may not be my best work

but the emotion is deep

i hurts me in the gut

to see this image

over two years later


this is the summer of art