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***my own direction***

my own direction

following the herd

has never been my focus

expectations with contempt

my generosity falling short

the minimum is somewhere over there

never enough

the hairs of my nose


steamy fumes

i swallow

burning my esophagus

 in silent reproach

quite frankly

i just don’t like being told what to do.

stubbornness suits me

and in this case

i find myself

widening the gap

more and more.

one day i might just stop walking

in any way


my own direction

***my raw limbs***

from above the clouds

my limbs are raw

struggling to stay afloat

although they are foothills

among the rising valley fog

little things pulled me further down

two little things

with strong gravitational force

behind masked smiles

and my footing could not hold

on my birthday

i got kicked

passive aggressive words

were just enough to draw me closer

the ledge is in sight

afraid i may not be able

to claw the soil


to not slip


from above the clouds


3 minutes and 47 seconds in Marrakech

3 min and 47 seconds in marrakech

in february

of 2011

2/18/11 ***  18:40:54

2/18/11 ***  18:41:55

2/18/11 ***  18:42:15

2/18/11 ***  18:42:44

2/18/11 ***  18:43:18

2/18/11 ***  18:44:10

2/18/11 ***  18:44:23



***one hour and three minutes in california***

one hour and three minutes

out my window

last friday.

california is a fascinating place

it amazes me

that i took all four of these images

in a total

of one hour and 3 minutes

while traveling approximately

60 mph

NNE on HWY 168


central valley flat nothingness with puffy joy and warm sun

fresno industrial complex and looming skies

green pastures, rolling roads near the foothills, with flat gray drear


blustery air on curvy snowy roads in the sierra nevada national forest


2/8/13  4:33:10 pm

2/8/13 4:44:49 pm

2/8/13 5:09:20 pm

2/8/13 5:36:57 pm