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***practice in the field***


i was practicing with my neutral density filter again….

so cool

to create a portrait

in the brightness of day

that includes the fascinating clouds

on our windy california day



***i am freaked out***

i am freaked out

i won’t lie

the recent incident

has me thinking

a lot

i am raising a boy

he used to love trains and cars

but for his age group

in 2012

the focus is

violent video games

and guns

i have never had an interest in either

and frankly i don’t understand


but i am a girl

and girls like make up

and techy nerdy stuff


cameras and computers?

yes, i am not inside the box

and so i expect that different is acceptable

well, i digress

i have always felt that forcing a person

to not do

what is in them

is like telling them

THAT is the thing they must do

and so i have tried


to let Evan explore his love of guns

but this has been a philisophical challenge

since Friday

a depth of which

 I had not anticipated.

so what do we do?

as responsible and loving


of boys

in 2012





i honestly don’t know the answer

other than to educate

about love, people, relationships

i am hoping

that is the right answer.


let this be my first

in my exploration


‘boys will be boys’

a cliche

that has alway made me cringe

but the darkness

it cannot be denied


***the powerlines***


***lost innocence***

***rebellion is the cause***

***balance askew***

***the honest portrait***


***playing in the studio***

my sweet boy

is such a great model!

so glad when he is willing

to hang out for me

while i practice.

so what if we had to make the sunflare

from man-made items?

still made us happy!


***infrared out my window***

yesterday was cold and rainy

and the weather hasn’t been so spectacular

for two weeks!

which is emotionally horrific

i am used to sunny california.

so i was happy to feel a creative spark

during the afternoon

and pulled out my filters

to test on my newest nikon

d600 sensor is not very sensitive to infrared….

but this is a pretty neat shot

from my bedroom window

***elf on the shelf???***

would you freak out

if you find THIS

elf on your shelf???


***neutral density fun***

in the name of photo obsession

and always wanting to do MORE

i fed the sickness

and bought a very expensive neutral density filter

so i can take MORE pictures!

Merry Christmas to PRB!

is that not what it is all about??

taking more pictures?

oh yes, Evan at f/1.4 with a bright sky…..

with gorgeous soft shadows on this face

and catchlights in his twinkling eyes

that is the work of some technical lighting crap

sort of boring to post about

but the end result looks so effortless

although the 5 different channels of balance made my head almost pop off……..

the verdict is

true love.