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***can’t get enough***

not to be corny

but i have depeche mode going thru my head

as i edit

pix from yesterday morning

two cuties

and i just can’t get enough of them!

absolute perfection

as far as i am concerned

***ack! busy!!***

it has been crazy around the prb photoboutique

and home

and life in general

i know this is nothing new for most people


i typically try to keep my life pretty calm

and NOT over scheduled


i have been over scheduled since August

must share a few snaps of a special celebration

for my dear friend Sue

i hosted her baby ‘sprinkle’ the other day

and of course

we HAD to take photos!


***today is NQR***

today has been NQR

since my 4:45am wake up

i am hoping the frowny face

is merely passing by

***thank you to the men and women of VFA-86***

just a little project we made

at the squadron


thank you

to the men and women

of VFA-86

for your service


***JPEG upgrades***

don’t forget that i have some photoshop skills

and i am willing to upgrade jpegs

for a very reasonable price

***oh my!***

oh my!

did I drop that???

silly me!

***hornet ball***

weekend was a blur

or perhaps even blurry

it was hornet ball weekend

ian is uber bad ass

as he tested my rig

even if his medals were not properly laid out

he is still hot

i took a snap or two also

***public service announcement: do not settle for bad light***

don’t you think this makes

a far superior sports portrait

than the goofy thing

we parents accept

as professional

for $20 a pop

each season??

just sayin’


I am not suggesting that I want to go into sports photography

what i am suggesting is that we

as consumers

demand better quality images

by training ourselves

to see the possibilities.


Chances are great

that there is someone

several people, in fact

in your community

who have the talent and skill

to make a portrait

of this caliber


perhaps that person is overlooked


it is true that a high caliber image

is a greater dollar value

than one of mediocre quality


at least it should be


the difference may not be outrageous

it may be a worthwhile expense.

once a photographer has the



and equipment

to create this type of image

it is very simple to replicate


educate yourself

train your eye

understand what options exist

but whatever you do,

 do not settle for bad light



***holiday cheer***

the holidays just have a way

of bringing folks together

such a beautiful sight

that sisterly love


and don’t forget the brothers

such sweet little angels!

makes ya just wanna go shop

in all the crazy stores

and wait in long lines

and try to get out of the parking lot

amidst the traffic.




Evan and I are going to SNL!

ok not

but i love the new yellow

i was told that was a very flattering color on me years ago

i am not sure why people object


yellow haters probably object to all the fun things in life

***i hired an elf***

i am way behind

christmas came to retail weeks ago

and i am only starting to think about it

so i hired an elf.

do you think she is cute??

she seems a little happy for me

but it is only a couple of weeks, right?

don’t elves work during the middle of the night?

that could really help

keep that perky attitude off my nerves.

***holiday pictures on my mind***

it certainly doesn’t seem like the holidays are rolling around

i hear they are

so i am gearing up

to make some holiday themed photos

let me start

by focusing on

the color red



***fruit can actually BE a muse***

how can a pomegranate inspire

let me count the ways

the inner core of the fruit

is deep and complex

many layers

bursts of juice

but these little pesky bits

you just cannot deny them

what do you do?

it stains your heart

the red inky

juicy cruddy bits

that do not go away

and you use your mite

to saw it off the tree

with bits of bark

that get in your eye

and tell you

today is the day to sharpen your knife

let that be

the thing

that makes you say…  what next

and you call your friends

you look for that hope

that the bits will wear away

they say


the meeting is canceled

tonight had too many cancellations.


how can it be?

what next.

how do you move on?

or is that an intruder?

did i hear the gate slam

at 4 am

not even the wall

in which my headboard lies

is sacred

nothing is sacred

in this jaded circle

where those who do no belong

cannot handle their interest



but it is not my garden

from which

this pomegranate


for that which with it has cometh

is laughing her ass off at my silly prose and goofy photos

***the art of pomegranate***

the art of pomegranate

a snarky reenactment

from last night

when Ian was standing on Michelle’s fence

in the dark

picking fruit from her tree

it is hard to not laugh when there are pomegranates in your shirt

***poor dude…***

poor little dude

sort of embarrassing