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i think i might challenge Pink to a dual here

***blake stopped by also***

blake and amy visitied the PhotoBoutique


***amy winehouse***

amy winehouse stopped by

***Amelia just flew in!***

Amelia just flew in!

***and boots, too….***

we had crazy feet on Friday

then boots on Sunday….

goes to show…

shoes are important.

***some crazy feet***

some crazy feet

veni, vidi, vici the photobooth

veni, vidi, vici the photobooth

ok fine.

i have been to Solvang.

***silliness on Friday***



***vintage PhotoBoutique***

the prb PhotoBoutique is fun

and unique

but it is not new


 the prb PhotoBoutique

has been around since 2008

and i have the proof in the pictures


it is different now

but the roots were firmly planted 5 years ago


***it’s ‘pippi’, not wendy***

it’s ‘pippi’, not wendy

***it’s raining red flowers***

it’s raining red flowers

***oh, you are hot***

oh you are hot

and you know it

***taking sunglasses from a baby***

it was like taking sunglasses from a baby

***ever start to feel like you are looking like your PR person??***

ever start to feel like you are looking like your PR person???



***new website on the way***

as the prb PhotoBoutique gains in popularity

it is time for a revamp of the prb website!

For those wondering why I have been using my Art site for my PhotoBoutique images

which seem more fitting for Portraits than Art…

you are right.

that didn’t seem to make any sense!

i am just about to remove my portrait website

and add a dedicated PhotoBoutique site in its place!


in addition,

I am creating a list of items that i will be selling

that will go perfectly with the PhotoBoutique creations…

Currently, I offer my art prints at event prices

(in other words, cheaper than my portrait prices)

I have sold one from this past party

it arrived today.

it is gorgeous.

I cannot wait to present it.