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*** heart heart heart ***

gosh i love designing a set

i have been practicing non stop


i haven’t slept for days

in preparation

for baby L

she is so sweet!


***super blue***

super blue

out the window


i took this with my infrared-modified d200

i selected the super blue filter that LifePixel offers.

Essentially, it blocks all the visible light EXCEPT the blue channel

so the picture is infrared

with a natural blue sky.


I think it still needs some tweaking to not look bizarre.

And, so I have been experimenting.

I think this is pretty cool.

***from within the snowglobe***

how did i get here?



i was always outside

and now here i am


i am supposed to be perfect

everything to everyone

i am small

but not too small

perfectly petite


but not too attractive


but not too fun

cut loose

but not too cut loose

excellent vocabulary

but not overly verbose

a role model


god dammit

no i am not

i am just me

and i fucking swear

sometimes gratuitously

for sport


i do it just to point out

how utterly flawed i am

and how much i embrace my flaws

so fuck me

i fucking swear

kiss my fucking ass

fuck i don’t even capitalize



dreams of kittens

the infestation invading

my personal space

and here i am


and it isn’t a dream

it is real

i never could have imaged

what it was like

from inside

the snowglobe

***out my window***

out my window

on the way to fresno

***re-edit of lucky little boy***

i decided i need to do a new edit

of this photo


i like it now

***misty old memories***

just looking for an old snapshot

sometimes the memories are so old

i forget that they actually happened.

it was forever ago

but not that long

my hazy memory

things have changed




it is because of 10 years ago

***busy behind the scenes***

getting back on track

after my trip

I am quiet on the internet

but busy in the studio

***raindrop bokeh***

some rain drop bokeh

on the window

 of the gondola

we rode up the mountain side

in vail

***wild life***

the wild life

on the side of the road

***i expect more***

take your baggage

toss it in here

i am tired of it

the flames

will take care of the rest.

you know

you aren’t very good at what you do.

i have been there

i have not thrived on my work.

but i do now.

and you have been doing yours


than i have been doing mine.

so i have gone somewhere else.

i have every right

to have expectations.


it’s a shack

for a squirrel

or perhaps

a homeless person



it is a dumpster

***just so cool***

this is just so cool

modified infrared  camera with DIY infrared flash — at night.  so cool

***tossing some light at you***

i’m tossing some light at you

it seems as though you could appreciate it

from what i see.

please feel free to borrow it

i am afraid yours is about to burn out

your sense of desperation is suffocating

i must be feeling generous

but it wanes

***nerdy excitement***

I feel all giddy

and nerdy

at the same time.

i have been researching infrared

for a few weeks.


and i just figured a way

to rig my flash.


i have an infrared flash

to go with my infrared camera!!

i am so giddy

i can’t even write this with any eloquence.


when? 5 minutes ago.

where? in both of my bathrooms.  notice the really dirty mirror in my son’s bathroom??  no surprise.

the beauty of infrared is that it doesn’t really matter if i put on any make up or do my hair.

how? d200 modified to IR, 24-70 mm (still no hotspots…….), and sb-800 with cokin IR filter gaffer taped inside of a Gary Fong lightsphere – which is taped up with black tape and covered in the diffuser.

(I knew that embarrassing waste of money would actually serve a purpose at some point)

 flash off camera right and triggered with my pocket wizards (the second two).

or is that camera left since i am shooting into the mirror????

the first one was on the hotshoe and was my experiment.  i only saw a tiny puff of red with my own eyes.

the second is full power and bounced and the third is 1/16  and i shot them with plenty of daylight filling the room from skylights.

all of my camera exposures were typical for flash photography — f/8, 1/250 sec, ISO 320

and they looked like that pretty much SOOC – I had custom set my white balance for visual flash last night and hadn’t changed it.

there was really nothing i needed to do to make it look any cooler!

***part dark***


infrared sees the other side

that dark side that you want to hide


i burn hot

i might be part alien

any nightmares about me yet??

that could change

but i also have a sweet side

that is also

not viewable in the normal spectrum.

it is complicated.

who am i kidding.

i love the drama

of my dark side