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***the Vineyard Ant Hill***

oh lovely

wall-E will be here eventually

but Libby is gorgeous

but we aren’t leaving planet Earth any time soon, right???


i always dreamed of a vineyard with an ant hill

i know you did, too, Ashley.


moral of the story?

there is beauty everywhere.

does anyone even read what I write, anyway????

well, if I can’t heckle my own art, what can i heckle???

***omg i’ve been a blogging slacker***

I have really slacked on the blogging.

actually, i have slacked on all things creative for a bit

sometimes you just need a little bit of down time


yes, i did that.

check in the box

time to be done.

i am not usually very happy when i am not creating

even if i am happy in other aspects of my life

like making fabulous friendships

throwing parties

creating my outdoor oasis

being a mom

getting in shape

keeping up with cooking meals

being a supportive swim team cheerleader

creating gelato magic

and reading goofy smutty book trilogies.

something is always ‘off’


i just need to be taking pictures.

plus it was a good excuse to buy an orchid.

i am not going to decode.

i just need to motivate

i took it with my D3 and i used my extension tube on my 85mm lens.

that is all.

***to the hanford market***

we took the top off the jeep

and went to the hanford market it last night

oh, the freshly popped kettle corn.

i had missed that.

it was strange to go back.

Evan was 20 months or so the last time we went.


the boys are out of shape with the modeling.

no chatting while snapping, Ian.



where? hanford

when? last night

how? All four with Fuji – first two with 35 mm, last two with 18mm

what?  kettle corn!

why do i love it?  just a nice little memory and a chance to wipe the dust off my camera.

***before swim lessons***

before swim lessons



where? home

when? yesterday afternoon

how?  Fuji X-pro 1, ISO640, 35mm, f/1.4, 1/500 sec

what? my good little model

why do i love it?  i love the two dimensional feel that i created with editing.  Sometimes camera’s make things feel too real.  real is boring.




a little hyper-reality for today

just because i feel like it

it is kinda cool



where?  Old Stuttgart

when?  November 2009

how?  D3, ISO 1250, 24mm, f/2.8, 1/1000 sec

yes, i know.  funky exposure.  nice balance there, paula…..  whatever.

what? an adorable 7 year old boy

why do i love it?  i love the 2 dimensional feel of the editing in this image.

***one step forward***

one step forward

feeling a rut right now

so baby step

just one

that is all i can do

gotta leave my old spot



where?  my old apartment

when?  after I’d already moved out

how?  my d3, ISO 640, 24mm, f/2.8, 1/100 sec

what? this is where I would have been sitting to type this – had i not moved

why do I love it?  I am so glad I made this picture.  this picture is what little I have left to remember my amazing flat and wonderful view