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she still fears she will be abandoned again

***a custom-ordered image transfer***

For her birthday, my dear friend, Emily, decided she wanted to treat herself to something beautiful.  So she ordered one of my photos that I had taken while on a safari in the Serengeti last November.  We decided that a 16×20 Image Transfer of the photo would be fabulous in the corner across from her reading chair.

Today I created the transfer – I have just added the UV spray and it is drying.  I am so happy with how the transfer turned out.  The details of a hand-made piece of art can never be replicated by a photo lab, period.  Although a photo of a transfer never does justice to the item in person, I wanted to share/brag about my creation before I pack it up and ship it off to San Antonio.


Here are two pictures from my iPhone as I created the transfer:



Here is the image just after UV spray.  It is transferred to a canvas board which can slip right into a basic black gallery frame.

Closer shot to show the overall detail.  The image retains the important details of the subject, but not all the image ‘sticks’ when it is transferred, leaving a vintage looking hand-made creation.


A closer shot shows the lines and details that appear as real texture, not just a digital image of texture.

I sign my image transfers.  It is now a beautiful piece of art.

The only thing I am lacking is the *perfect* name………



***evan freezing for the good of photography***

Oh yes, I am that mom.  But I let him wear my Ugg boots.  That counts for something.


***dabbling in a different realm***

i have been wanting to shift my look a little more to incorporate a lighter, airier, and mistier feel.  The dark, moody PRB will never go away.  But I love this, also.


Guess who got to be a guinea pig today??  Yep, little Evan.  He isn’t so little anymore.




***he has no idea***

he has no idea that he will sit at a desk 6 hours a day in four years from now.



***a simple share***

Today I feel like an old house in rural Poland.  Or, at least that is my share of the day.

I love the soft and rich the colors of this image.  Years ago I created my own ‘action’ of steps in photoshop to process my images so that my body of work has a cohesive feel.  Sometimes they need a little zing beyond the norm so I will fiddle with the settings or do some other work behind the scenes by adding texture.  But this photo needs nothing else.  The rich and creamy colors – the light line of the power line – the crackled cement – the deep neutrals.  I can feel this home breath.  I must take this one and leave it alone.  It lacks pretension like the simple homes around which it is surrounded and therefore I must accept its beauty as it is, with great respect and adoration.



I miss and adore this girl.  :)



new lensbaby optic

I was at WPPI in Las Vegas earlier this week and stopped by the Lesbaby booth to discover that they released a new lens, the Edge 80.  !?!  And, it is a TILT SHIFT!  !?!  I had to have it immediately.  Not only have I been a lensbaby user and addict since 2005, I have been pining for a tilt shift lens for the past few years.

So, amidst some busy times I had the chance to test out my new optics – here is a little sample.  All I can say is – this is going to be a FUN lens.



back INSIDE the box

I absolutely loved visiting Africa.  In fact, I have been quoted as saying that I would give up all my trips to cities in Europe, Northern Africa, and Asia in the past two years for this ONE safari to Africa.  The experience was that amazing and life-changing.  But three months later, I realize that giving up the photos from my visits to old cities would crush my spirit and deflate my ambition for years to come.  The truth is that taking photos of animals in the wild is WAY outside my interest zone.  But rows of crooked little buildings that seem in disrepair to most but seem absolutely perfect to me??  That is where my heart calls home.


I have a stack of amazing photos about a million deep.  It is an impossible task to find my favorite.  It is nearly impossible to find one, succinct photo that sums up all that I love about taking photographs in the city.  I love the architecture – yes.  But I also love the people, and the signs, the cars, trees, the sun flare remnants.  But the images that speak to me are the ones where it feels like my ‘subjects’ are talking to me.  Maybe I shouldn’t admit out loud that objects, animate or not, talk to me…..  But it is as if they bend just for me and pose, as a subject would do for a portrait, so I can get my perfect shot.  Stretching, bending with distortion, I call this ‘architectural ballet’.  It is the perfect term to sum up what I see when I swoon over a given photograph.

So, in honor of architectural ballet, I will share a photograph from Zurich that I took on my last trip before having my house packed up for the big move ‘home’.  This photo reminds me that, just because you look like all the others on the outside, it doesn’t mean that you can’t stand out from the rest.


{boating in a sea of wildlife}

Here is a fabulous memory.  My husband had the chance to take an extended bit of leave as we moved from Germany back to the US.  We knew we wanted to do something *really* special with our time.  And, we had already visited most of Europe!  Would we travel from city to city??  In the middle of a move?  And, where would we want to spend 10 days??  Plus, November is not exactly a nice time to wander the cold, damp streets.  We decided we needed to do something that is MUCH easier and cheaper to do from Europe than it is from America.  But it did not have to be IN Europe.

Bingo!  Africa.

We went to Kenya and took a 9 day safari in Tanzania.  It. was. incredible.


I ditched the make up and hair gel for 10 days.  I lived in hiking gear.  I never set down my camera.  Never have I taken a vacation and just literally lost all thoughts of home, stress, days, dates, and in this case, the move.  Not until we spent our days scouring the most breath-taking scenes looking for animals I had only dreamed of seeing had I been able to detach from all other concerns in life and truly just soak in and enjoy the experience with my two favorite people on the planet.  I just cannot go on and on enough about how fabulous it was to visit Africa.  I will share pictures from time to time.  They will never truly capture what it was like to experience this trip, first hand.  But my memories will always be fond and romantic of our trip……  and we will have to go again one day….

{Miss Magda is a star!}

It is a day late.  But Miss Magda, our little chihuahua, wants to send you her Valentines wishes!

{prb, the california version}

Alright.  I have moved.  Only took me a quarter of a year to get settled and start up my photography again…….  Behind the scenes reinvention is happening now.

So here we go.  I will start to share some photos again!  Memories of great places mixed with some shots I am proud to post that are current – it will be a mix of it all for a bit!

Let’s start with this.  Yep, the party is over!  It is time to get back to work!  No more Europe.  No more vacations every other week.  All great things must come to an end, eventually!