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oh my.  my old neighborhood is under mandatory evacuation.  be safe, friends!

Larchmont – in Norfolk, VA – during a more peaceful time.


***tangled tree***

***i love paris***

I love Paris more with each visit……..  sigh……

***self-rescuing princess***

I still cannot believe I remember when this ‘tween girl was a babe in a baby carriage.  If someone had told me back then that one day I would be a photographer who would take photos of this self-rescuing princess while hanging out … after sushi … and shopping for dirndls….  while she was listening to an *iPod*… while living in **GERMANY**…. I think I might have looked at that person like she was crazy and asked if she had the right girl in reference to me being a photographer in Germany.  Or even that one day we could listen to music sans CD while on the go… Or that I might ever shop for a DIRNDL!   Or at least if she had taken her meds to suggest such crazy talk.

Anyhow, here we were.  And, there it is.  I just could not be much happier to see my Clare all grown up looking like the spitting image of her mom.  :)

***she screams for encouragement***


I just updated my website!  Check it out!


***wandering prague***

***streets of Budapest***

***an actual phone booth***


Whomp!  Sometimes it just hits you like a eye-piercing sunburst!