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***don’t stop seeking***

***things change***

***plastic bag art***


***plastic tangled toxic facade***

details of a painting I created today – ‘plastic tangled toxic facade’ made with fused plastic bag pieces and acrylic paint on canvas board.

***prb bags***

I have been making little purses out of fused plastic for a couple of weeks now.  In case you have never heard this term, I am literally melting plastic bags from stores together and turning it into ‘fabric’ and then sewing it into a funky and practical little tote.  It is a fun pass time and I love to make something out of nothing.

Here are a few:

The early ones were based on the design of the bag itself.

I started to add papers for design, and even hand paint.  At times, I tried new shapes.

And, my latest evolution includes a hand painted design, is lined with cardboard on the inside which is laminated.  I have also started to test out zippers and a change in shape.  This would make a fabulous cosmetic bag!

***what i think you want***

what i think you want

what i think i want

***disparaged, dismissed, shamed***

***walking the ledge***


***frosted windows***

***this is why i do portraits***


I love this photo.  This is one of those shots that appeals to the photographer more than the mom – for now.  Most families want to see photos of the children with smiles and joy.  But this is an honest photo of real emotion.  It was the first shot we took and little Leena was nervous.  You cannot deny the expression on her face.  I suspect this is one of those photos her mom will immediately reject, for it tells the tale of pain.  However, I bet in a few years it might become the one she loves the most should she glance back through our little session.  THAT is the face she used to make.  We see her vulnerability and she seems so little.  It is a side that is rarely documented.  But it will be the one that jumps out and screams LEENA! later on.

***an outing with Leena***

So I went on a little outing in Stuttgart with a little one named Leena.  I think she counted 25 snails.  Perhaps even more.  She ate treats and did a few twirls for me!  I had forgotten how hard it is to negotiate with a three year old!

Thanks for being my pal today, Leena!

***no message, just cool***

Digging thru my Morocco trip.  It converted so amazingly I have to say WOW.  I love finding those overlooked gems lurking in the masses.