Monthly Archives: May 2011

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***red square***


***the kremlin***

***the acropolis***

Well, here is the Acropolis.  Did you know it closes at 3 pm?  Kinda goofy during spring break, don’t you think??

***random doors***

Santorini is awesome for the random doors in the side of a cliff.

Don’t you just love making up ideas of where these doors may lead??  A secret underground hide out?  A crotchety old man who hates civilization but loves the beach?  Treasures??

Hearing that they are probably just storage takes all the fun out of it.

***around the island***


On the walking path in Oia – Santorini, Greece

***inside Ayasofya***

Ayasofya is located in Istanbul.  At one point in time, it was the largest church on the planet.  Later it would become a mosque.  Now it stands as a museum, an amazing structure and bit of history.  Gorgeous.


what an amazing week we had…..

***Tel Aviv***

***so I have not been sharing…………..***

Ok, I haven’t felt like blogging so much of recent.  Obviously.  I have been doing my work for me – quietly, behind the scenes.  But I have just discovered this Pinterest thing and i am pretty excited to be a part of it.  Yes, I am also slow and the last one on the block to be Pinteresting….  😉

SO, if I wanna share any of my photos, I may has well have a link to go with them, right?  Enter, blog.

Here is one I need to share.  Or a couple.  And, yea yea yea, been to Israel, Santorini and Athens, Istanbul since I last posted.  blah blah blah.