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***why my photo sucks***

This one needs no explanation.  It is a blatant photo bomb.

Thanks for ruining my photo…..

***king of the hill***

You say you are the King of the Hill.  But you are still a goat.  And, the hill is prefab and is in a zoo.  I call you Lord of the Flies.

***high noon sun?***

Nancy, France, is located due west of Stuttgart by about 3.5 hours.  So it is Northeast and located in the Lorraine region of the country.

This was the high noon sun in Nancy, France, yesterday.

Those are some pretty big shadows!  And, I wouldn’t exactly call it crispy light like we have here in Stuttgart right now.  Yet it was a mostly clear day.  My post processing makes the sky look whiter than it actually was.

***art nouveau***

We just walked in the door from a quick jaunt to France.  We visited Nancy, France, where we enjoyed more fabulous food and architecture.

A quick few examples of the Art Nouveau before I start to unpack my bags…..

***twisting my brain***

I wanted to share a photo but not something recent.  So I scrolled back in my file to look for something from a while ago that I don’t believe I ever shared.

Somehow this one jumped out at me.  It is twisting my brain this afternoon which is just what I need to get myself creatively charged.


***why my photo sucks***

There we were, driving down an incredibly narrow road in a rented Mercedes Benz in Sitges, Spain…..

I was trying to get the feel of how close we were to the buildings.  The people were literally right outside my window!  I wanted the feel to be awe-inspiring.

I failed.

All I got was this shot of a dude staring at me.  It kind of creeps me out – I feel as though he might follow me, rip my camera out of my hands, and ask me WHY I was taking his photo!!  Not really the ‘feel’ I wanted this shot to have.

Thanks for ruining my photo, dude.

***orange ball***

There’s a big orange ball in the sky!!  Ok, it is sunny.  It has been for a few days.  Oh, sigh, if only there could be more sun than clouds in Germany!


Oh, little boy, please please learn from their mistakes.

***my personal play***

One of the reasons I love photography is that I realize all the people around me are actors in my own personal play…  Sometimes I capture a photo where the random person just *makes* the photo complete.

Let me give an example or two from Munich….

The man on the cell phone.  Is he a statue??

The bikers enter the scene as if on cue…..

And then the scene changed to a ivy-covered building.  Fantastich!

***what else ya got?***

We just got back from Munich to partake in the Oktoberfest fun!  It was a wonderful time and I did not bring my camera.  Not only do bier tent and expensive equipment seem like a bad mix BUT sometimes I need a break from my camera.  Say it isn’t so.

So what else is there to do in Munich besides Oktoberfest????

The Rathaus was my favorite – kind of like a giant cuckoo clock without the actual cuckoo….  Technically it is called a Glockenspiel.  Gorgeous.  It summed up all that Germany should be, in my opinion.  And, we happened to walk up just at 11 am, one of the two times per day that the clock plays it show.

Click…..Glockenspiel Video taken with my iPhone