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***iconic or cliche***

Facebook asked me what is on my mind?  Well, this is on my mind.  Am I iconic or just cliche??

I love this photograph.  But, how many more photos of bikes in Europe do we need???  Seriously.

One more will be just fine, I think.  😉  But if I post a little boy with a baguette next, feel free to start calling me ‘Henri’.


I am not really one to take a sunrise photo.  But considering this is out my library window and I was already up getting Evan ready for school I will let it slide.

***reflection in Berlin***

***Victoria’s Station***

After eating there during its short lived time as a restaurant in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, I always wondered what the real one would be like.

Well, lo and behold, it was our Underground station when we visited London this previous May.

And, there you have it.

***pinhole lens, baby***

After seeing the cool new lensbaby product on the market, I decided to play with the pinhole lens on my lensbaby composer.

25 second shutter!

Pretty cool!  I need to do this more often.

But message to Lensbaby – you need to make that tilt transformer for Nikon cameras!  I would find it very hard to pass up!

***why my photo sucks***

I know you aren’t always in the mood to model for me, Little Boy.  I ‘get’ that.  100%.  I used to have this lens in your face all the time when you were little.  You were such a trooper.  But that was a long time ago and I have mostly left you alone over the past year or so.

But, really??  This isn’t just not-being-one-with-the-photographic-moment, this is blatant refusal to cooperate.  It was a great graffiti wall, Evan!  Here we were in Barcelona and I could have gotten a terrific photo of you in front of the graffiti wall!

Dude, thanks for ruining my photo.

***what I am doing today***

So, would you like to know what I am doing right now???

I am creating one of my image transfers.  This one is a mini – 6×8.

I’m all set up with my strawberry banana smoothie in a bier stein.  I am ready to go.

This is after I have applied my gel medium to the paper and placed it image-side-down on the canvas panel.

Mid -way.  I can see half the image but I have a lot of work left.  As you can see why, I don’t bother to get manicures.  Ever.  I play in glue too often.

Et Voila!  It is Sortie.

As an interesting side note about this image – it is actually two put together.  The main subject is the Sky Ride at the Stuttgart Bad Canstatt fairgrounds during Frühlingsfest.  It is very similar to Volksfest which we will be attending this weekend.  😀  And, in fact, my boys were on that ride as I sat on the ground taking this photo.  Yes, it is not an optical illusion.  It really is that high up in the ride.  eek!  The background texture is actually graffiti that was etched into the wall of the top of the steeple of the Sacre Coeur.  Yes, I was standing in the wind on a warm June day overlooking the entire city of Paris…..  I guess that is the only way I ever get the view that one might get from the Sky Ride – standing on a solid foundation.

Now it is on to editing and blogging.  And, yes, I am on to a green smoothie.  And, yes, I am still in my pajamas.

***love a little boy in lederhosen***

Look at my cute little dude in Lederhosen!  We are all geared up and ready for Oktoberfest.  Yes, in fact, I also have a dirndl.  More photos to follow!


Can you tell it is really us??

***focus in the other direction***

to avoid feeling overwhelmed you merely just focus in the other direction

***why my photo sucks***

I seem to have uncanny timing.  Why is it that when I want to vacation there inevitably is restoration going on at every corner??  We have dodged cones and scaffolding everywhere we have visited ever since the weather broke, I think.  But must frustration is when the construction is ON the focal point of the city.

Florence was not an exception.

Would this not be the COOLEST photo if the Duomo weren’t covered in scaffolding??

Thanks Italy.

Thanks for ruining my photo.

***good vs. evil***


versus evil

and generally just odd

and nothing in Salzburg is complete without the Von Trapps

Puppets from the Salzburg fortress museum.

***note to self***

note to self.  i need to start showing some work.  asap.

***why my photo sucks***

Ok, so I am taking a photo of an odd place.  Maybe you think that is strange but you don’t need to look at me like I am crazy!

Thanks for ruining my photo.


So we went to Salzburg, Austria.  Salzburg is the home of Mozart, the Von Trapp family, and a famous salt mine.  And, we saw all three!  well, sort of.  We stayed at the Villa Trapp, the actual home of the family (but not the one in the movie) which is now a swanky bed and breakfast.  We went on the Sound of Music movie bus tour in the city and around the countryside and saw the actual places where the movie was filmed.  We went to the Mozart museum which is located in the house where he grew up.  We ate at a cafe where Mozart used to hang out.  And, we got to tour a salt mine.  And, we even rounded out the visit with a trip in a funicular to the fortress that overlooks the city.  That is a lot of excitement in one short little weekend!