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***FYI — nothing garners attention like a convoy of classic fiat 500’s***

FYI —  Nothing garners attention like riding the streets of Firenze in a convoy of classic Fiat 500’s…..

shall I share?  oh yes.

***Woohoo! Fiat 500!!!***

Oh, what to do on a dreary day in Firenze……

we could go to a museum with the crowds….  naaaa…. OR we could drive around in a convoy of Fiat 500’s and go wine tasting.  YES!!!

Here’s a special shout out to Sergio — keep on chuggin’ buddy!  you were a good car!

Thank you so much, Alex, Mary Ann, and Sophie.  What a wonderful thing you are sharing with the world.  Happy 29th Birthday Al!  Cheers to Becky!   Thank you  Fiat 500 Touring Club!!!!

***there’s this tower….***

I don’t know if you realize this, but there is this tower in Italy and it actually leans!!!

ok, in all honestly, I admit it was pretty exhilarating to come around the corner and see the top of the tower for the very first time.  I have seen the images all my life and yet I didn’t anticipate what a strong presence this tower would add to the small city of Pisa.

Of course we had to climb to the top!

The marble steps are very worn away particularly at the higher point in the tower.  Without railings and the sense that the marble it slippery, the task of climbing back down is actually more daunting than it might seem.

***we’ve been traveling***

sorry about my lack of update……  we’ve been traveling.  More tomorrow!

for now, enjoy this shot of the alps…..

***very proud of this here little boy***

I am very proud of my little man, Evan.  He turned around what had been a downward spiral at the end of the year and had a great day at school.  He even earned a dark chocolate covered rice cake which in the Burgoon household equates to a cupcake!  Bravo, little Evan!

***long cold spring***

Wow.  It was a really long, cold, snowy winter followed by a long, cold, wet spring.

I think that makes it all the more amazing now that summer seems to be here…..

***new website is LAUNCHED!***

I am proud to say that I have created and launched a new website which represents my new direction —  my fascination with exploration of this fab world around us.

You will notice that there are no longer any portraits on this new site.  I will always do portraits in a limited capacity, so no need to worry!  However, my art is my passion.  That is my THERE and that is where I must GO!  :)

So please join me on my new journey.  the new prb……

Cheers!  Please enjoy  and give me some feedback!

***Miss Anna Makes Tea, too***

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows I feel pretty strongly about my coffee maker.  So strong, in fact, that she has a name.  And, I swear I am not one of those people names things.  Aside from my kid, I have not named anything else that resides in my apartment.  My camera is just … camera.  But Miss Anna begged for a name.  I joked when I bought ‘her’ that she was so expensive that she may as well be a part of the family.  And, since she was my Anniversary, Birthday, and Valentines Day gift, well, Miss AnnaBirthenTine just…..  stuck.

So what was I thinking when I decided to QUIT COFFEE and end my 25 year addiction with caffeine???  Who knew I would move to Germany and become a health freak.

Sorry Miss Anna.  You have given me over five years of excellent service.  Your relegated duty in the Burgoon household is not of your making.  You can offer me hot water and therefore serve me by brewing my daily decaffeinated green tea….  Every ache in my head from withdrawal is one of the tears that you cry, my dear dedicated friend.

***the ‘locked out’ fiasco***

Yesterday we decided to take a little hike up to the top of the park across the street from our apartment.  As we left, I said to Ian, ‘You have the keys??’ and he said yes.

We enjoyed the climb to the top.  The light was not very good but I took some photos anyway.  It was a wonderful family escape but we had errands to run so we headed back home.

When we got to the front door of our building Ian realized the keys in his pocket were for the garage which is three blocks away.  No house keys.  Considering our apartment is on the third floor we were basically out of luck on this lovely Sunday morning!!

As you can see, Evan was pretty stressed about our predicament.  I was also, but at least I knew Ian was here to help me with this one!!

Well, the owner of the building was home and she lives only a five minute drive away.  Whew!  We were saved!  Lesson learned!!!  SEE THE KEYS before locking the door!  Alternately, don’t trust Ian when he says he has the keys!!

And as an aside, it gave us a good excuse to hang out in the beautiful garden behind our building.

And, no Evans were harmed in the making of this blog post.  He returned to normal as soon as Frau Fach was on the way with the key!

***just a photo***

***open windows!***

Oh, finally we can open the windows!  So nice to have a lazy Sunday to sit back and enjoy the breeze.

***coming soon***

I have been a slacker at blogging…..  but not at taking photos!

Part of why I have not been blogging is because I am preparing to launch a brand new website and a brand new blog.  Perhaps I am trying to create some anticipation???

Anyhow, a quick photo to remind you that I am still here.  New website is almost ready to launch.