Monthly Archives: April 2010

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***waiting our turn***

sometimes it is hard to always be in the background. your job is very demanding. i know you don’t want it to be that way. but we are always there waiting for our turn.

***the streets of barcelona***

***1 photo down, 1999 to go***

***the dreaded truth***

the dreaded truth is that you cannot force someone to feel happy.

***old train***

***unreal…. yet, real***

I have been sitting on this photo for two days now – still weighing its significance in my head.

It was after dinner on Easter and we were doing the dishes.  What appeared and disappeared right before my eyes is still hard for me to believe.  Ian and I were chatting in the kitchen and I was watching the light change.  I was determined to just let it go.  I like to capture the different light out the window so I might compile them all after we move out.  But I was not in the mood to walk two rooms away to get my camera.  But the light just kept making a more and more interesting scene.  So I gave in and grabbed my camera just because the highlight on the church was so bright against the dark clouds.  Then rainbow came and went in minutes as I was taking the photos.  The fact that I could see the entire thing at 14mm…..  And, what an intense rainbow it was!

Interpret it how you wish.  I suppose I am formulating my own interpretation.

***mannequin vogue***

***the idyllic german countryside***

***seeing myself in the reflection of a broken home***