Monthly Archives: December 2009

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***underground tunnel***


***dreamy houses***


this is why i am here….

***winter sun***

on base at Patch Barracks…..




***cut loose***


***bus stop***


***feel the need.. for green***

I was thinking the lush Irish landscape, not money.  But money would be nice also…  :)


***Advent Calendar — the German way…****



There is no out-doing the simplistic yet practical German styling….



***traveling along…. sometimes you meet a cow in the road***





{white christmas}

I have been turned upside down and traveling so much this fall, it is hard for me to believe the holidays are upon us.  Forget the fact that I celebrated Thanksgiving with friends in Ireland and Evan visited Santa in Dublin.  It doesn’t feel like Christmas because I don’t have a tree or decorations.  I don’t even have my full wardrobe yet!  Or my bed!  I am crossing my fingers that those things will be surrounding me before the holiday arrives.

I suppose it is a little reminder of the season —  we saw snow as we landed in Germany.  Herzlichen Dezember!


{europe…. light….}

As an American, you have to love Ireland.

It is Europe.  And, everything is in English.


Ok, so fine.  They drive on the wrong side of the road.  That is a problem.  But you can actually read the signs……






hoppla!  I meant slainte!