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{a flash of Germany}




{little dude at the castle}



{Hohenzollern Castle}


{Hawaii, pt 2}

Lots of gorgeous bright blue water.  That is Hawaii.  But there is plenty of surreal beauty lurking in the shadows.






{forget hawaii???}

It isn’t that I forgot to blog some photos from Hawaii.  I just didn’t have time!  My last days in Virginia were INSANE!

Of course everyone wants to see bright bold colors from Hawaii.  There is no shortage of that to be h.











We traveled to the western border of Germany this weekend.  On the edge of the Black Forest and the border of France is a little town called Baden-Baden.  It is gorgeous!  Maybe even indescribable…..  I will let a couple of photos sum it up……






{in a fog}


{hard to be married to me}

but this place is very cool, Ian…..


{almost throwing up}

I am here!  I have landed!  PRB is officially EURO PRB.  Sehr gut!

It has been a week and the jet lag has mostly passed.  I am back in the saddle – taking photos and back at my desk – for the first time in weeks.  Sehr gut!

I have discovered that Germany is gorgeous.  So gorgeous, in fact, that I am almost inclined to take cliche photos.


Barf.  It is almost enough to make a girl throw up!  How can everything be so ….  beautiful????

Huh.  I guess I will have to turn things upside down to make them … PRB….


just teasin’….  I am not complaining about the perfect fall colors….  You know, I can always convert to black and white….



I am already in love with Germany.  And, I have just gotten here……