Monthly Archives: September 2009

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{a family of drama……..}





after 6 months of deployment, I am sure Clancy needs some rest.

{growth potion}

o.k.  Who made the growth potion and distributed it to my son without my permission??


{red is my favorite color}

How can I choose a mere THREE for Miss Scarlett???  Three???

No.  Scarlett demands five.






Did I say five???  I meant six.


{almost out the door}

Alright, y’all.  I am almost out of here.  Our house is sold and we actually have a landlord right now.  (shall we call him if something breaks??)  I suspect we will have a moving van out front in the next month and we officially leave the area by the beginning of November (if not sooner).  I have several photo shoots in my queue for the coming weeks ….  so this is pretty much it for PRB in Norfolk……  I am ready to officially say that I am not taking on any new clients.  …although we are still waiting on orders and I suppose things can always change…

I will continue to add posts to my blog during my move to Germany so please keep checking out my travels!