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{danny didn’t scare me!}

Just back from the Outer Banks for the weekend.  And, go figure it was the same weekend Danny decided to stop in for a visit.

Humpf!  He didn’t scare us away!





Thankfully, Josh may now get back to the pool and his bikini-clad friends now that this girl is no longer pestering him with a camera!  Enjoy your last week of break.  :)


Lincoln would be proud of this view, I think.

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I entitled this blog post ‘PASSION’ because it is so great to feel intense passion about something — ANYTHING — in day to day life.   Passion is to the creative person as Ambition is to the technical person.  Passion makes creativity so EASY!!  Effortless!!  There may not be anything worse to a creative person than a lack of passion for a time.  It is an elusive emotion.  You cannot just put your nose to the grinder and ‘have’ it like a technical person might with ambition.  It is also fragile.  Sometimes things that are out of your control can knock it off course and make it disappear for a time.  So how do you get it back????

The ability to tap into passion is precisely what makes artists of all types and mediums fantastic at their skill.

In the craziness of putting my house on the market and preparing for my upcoming move to Germany, I was walking the line of distraction from my work.  All it took is a swift reminder that sometimes I allow myself to believe in something that doesn’t exist (for years??) for me to feel deeply sad and frustrated.  And, I am not a person who handles frustration well.  Ian has been worried that I have ‘forgotten’ about that which I am so skilled and have been focusing on other things which he sees as ‘distractions’ from my ultimate goals.  I guess for a type AA left-brained person it would seem that way.  But as I have jumped in with both feet in a totally different direction he fails to understand that what I have done is successfully stir up my creative flow which had been on the back burner far too long!  Now, I did not jump into sewing and thrifting with this intention.  I just followed my heart and saw where it was leading me.  And, guess what??  I am right back on track again.  So what HE saw as a distraction was merely just a detour  that allowed me to rest and recharge and come back stronger.  He didn’t see that it is all connected to the passion in my heart that allows me to create.

It is strange to explain the complex brain of a creative person to a person who lives in a very rigid and rule based world…….  :-)  There you have it honey.

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{fire-y day}

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{wicked cool band}

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{not on strike, just on vacation…..}

If you happen to notice the comment on my last post you will understand my blog title……

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a girl could get burned out if she doesn’t go on hiatus every once in a while……  dear husband.