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{i love kids with cameras}

I love kids with cameras.  They are so free!  Just put the thing on auto and watch them go.  Even better is when the camera is prosumer with a decent lens.

May I present some of Evan’s latest work (with my photoshop techniques applied, of course….)

_P3B9559 web

_P3B9618 copyweb

running thru the grass…….

_P3B9670 web

_P3B9693 web

and of course, the self-portrait

_P3B9703 web

{r u lookin’ at me???}

What are you lookin’ at????




oh sigh.  I entertain myself.

I have been jewelry shopping.  Can you tell?  :)

But can you NOT see the UTTER JOY in my face over my fabulous Olaria pieces???






call me crazy.

I guess I am a pretty down-to-Earth girl.  But while I appreciate the light and color and splendor of Versailles, I just don’t understand the mentality of people who have to flaunt their riches in your face to make them feel better about themselves.

Really.  It is so predictable in my opinion.

{cab back to Paris…..}


Ok, I am officially ready to take a cab back to Paris……

{sunshine and ella}

I have known these girls for a long time.  And they just get more and more gorgeous.  Oh, and can you just die for that hair?????  some girls get all the luck!




{another detour}

another detour from Paris.  Last night Ian had to go to the LSO Shack to wave jets.  Shoot, I think I need to wave to jets also!

Let me just say that it is far more than incredibly loud to be standing so close to the airstrip as the jets bounce.  I could FEEL my organs move inside my body as each of the VFA-211 zipped by practicing field carrier landings (FCLP).  This is where the pilot lands at the airstrip full throttle as if approaching the carrier, and ‘Bounces’ on the deck taking off immediately.  The purpose is to learn to follow the precise fresnel lens with its green and red lights and be guided by the ‘ball’ so as to catch the three wire on the deck.  And, of course the gust of wind that came AFTER the jet took off again was enough to blow my skirt up each time.  Luckily it was very very dark.

These photos are very ‘dirty’ as in very very very noisy.  I had my ISO set as high as it could go.  But it is a wonder that I could even take them in such darkness.  You will notice that bright light?  Yep, that is the moon.

Anyhow, nice work, guys.  Thanks for the entertainment.




_PR31689 2

{relaxing Sunday}

I am really loving the sprinkles today after all the sunshine and perfect weather for the past few days.

Makes me just want to relax on this Sunday.




I do like the number three.





{trees and sun. trees and sun}



and sun.



oh, and some blue sky for good measure….


{One more stop in Richmond}

I have plenty of funky fun shots from Richmond to share…  but alas I must get back to Paris!  So today will be my last Richmond post…. for now….






ok, now I must STOP…..