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{downtown drive-by}

the fun of shooting for sport.  photo hunting, you might say.

‘Anyone can just walk up and shoot the Rhino …..’

But can you get a good shot at 45 mph???











{slight detour}

I took a fun photo safari this weekend with some friends in Richmond, so I will take a little detour from Paris and share some of those photos before going back to Europe…..



{assiette du photographie}

If I must be honest, I believe my favorite part about traveling in Paris was the opportunity to sit in street side cafes and order assiette du fromage (plate of cheese) and bourdeaux.  Tres magnifique!

So along those lines, I will offer a plate of photos.  Apprecier!







{no explanation necessary}



{le Bourget}

It is true, once again, that I do not believe in coincidences.  I surely had no idea of the significance of this photo when I captured it.  I was post a four hour nap yet still intensely jet lagged.  This was the 6th photo I took with a mere 4100+ to follow in the next 5 days.  We were on the RER (the train) heading to Paris for the first time since my arrival and I was just snap-happy out the window as is my photographic M.O.  Snapping photos of anything and everything that catches my eye, I just happened to get this really *cool* shot of the Le Bourget RER train stop through scratched up glass with a hazy sheen.  I am sure I smiled at the ‘per-fec-sion’ of this photo and kept about my merry albeit groggy way.


It was not until two days later that I realized that what lie at that Le Bourget stop is the very REASON I was in Paris at all.  The famous Paris Air Show, the current being its 48th biennial show and celebrating its 100th birthday, is the largest air show in the world and takes place at the Le Bourget airport just south of Charles De Gaulle and one of the early stops on our daily trip to Paris.  It is the place where jet manufacturers from all around the world gather in hopes of landing their biggest contracts of the year.  Boeing pays for our military equipment to head to the show and luckily this year my husband was one of the few lucky dogs who got to represent it.  OF COURSE I had to join him and take advantage of the per diem and hotel.

*Of course* such a significant event was the subject of Air and Cosmo’s cover story.


If you paid attention, you could find a poster of said cover all over Paris.


{Paris at 5000 feet}

Paris is *AMAZING*.  I don’t even know where to begin.

I guess the beginning is a good spot!


to be continued and continued and continued.  Let’s just say I have a LOT of photos to sort and edit……


Oh My GOSH, Miss A, you are stunning………

What a fantastic model……





I have been told a photo shoot with me after dusk is quite exciting – like an episode of COPS.  HEY, if I need the light, I need the light!  I can’t sacrifice the exposures.  We just need to work fast!  ((wink!))

{SO cliche….}

Ok, this is soooo cliche.

But I can’t help myself.

Is this a testament of how long I have been doing business or how fast time flies in the life of a toddler???  A little of both?

A walk down memory lane – one of my EARLIEST business cards:


Same boys 3.5 years later:





My photography has grown immensely and so have they.  I want time to stop but, then, we have so many more lessons to learn!

{a gray evening}

Most people wouldn’t bother to get out the camera on an evening like this past Wednesday.  However, there is not much that is more fantastic to me than a breezy gray spring evening with three willing models.  While it is true – you can ask these three – that I can get rather obsessed about capturing the PERFECT exact moment, it is truly worthwhile.

This IS the PRB shot…….


{shoot wounds}

Wow.  I bet most people don’t realize how dangerous a photo shoot can be.  LOOK at my bruised up knees??  All this from a newborn shoot!  :)

I am sure the Parisians will think this is TRES CHIC next week when I invade France with my armed Nikon.


{small paul}

I said, ‘Keep your denim shorts on but go inside and change into one of your black skull t-shirts.  Go fast!  It is getting really dark!’

He showed up in his Small Pauls.

Fine, then.  Don’t be angry with me in 10 years when this photo randomly resurfaces.


{little burdude}

Little BurDude has been off the hook lately.  I haven’t made him model for me in quite a long time.

Last night ended his freedom.



I don’t think he was very happy about it.

{welcome, oliver}

Welcome, baby Oliver.  You are such a perfect little guy.




And don’t worry.  We didn’t forget you, puppy Brie.