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{objects in mirror}

You know when something seems as though it is so far in the future….  and you aren’t even considering it very intensely.  And, then, suddenly it is just THERE!  And, BAM, it blind sides you?


We are reminded of this common scenario every time we look in the side mirrors and yet it is still shocking.



I think we are all starting to get sick of being inside here in Norfolk.  Rain is great and all…. But what happened to spring????

We just got Evan and Ian new bikes and we are ready to go out and ride them!  Rain, be gone!

Thankfully, the forecast is for sun later today and for the duration of the week….


{Tip’s} strangely-zoned bait shop


Makes you appreciate zoning laws.


I guess there is more wrong here than just zoning.

edited to add:

This should actually explain it.  The local Yacht Club.


I am sorry.  I just cannot hide my disdain for the state of Michigan very well.  I appoligize to half my relatives.  But, dang.  Mom, you just should not have threatened a move back half my life.  😉

My Michiganian roots are hidden deeply in the closet and only show up as my place of birth on my passport….

attempting to maintain myself in {ian’s world}

You know, it is interesting to live in Ian’s world – living in the shadow of my fighter pilot husband.  Maybe if I were a lawyer or a doctor or an actor or some other exciting title I may not have this problem.  But no matter where I go or what I do I still have to contend with the fact that I am in Ian’s shadow.  ASIDE from all the regular military commitment that goes along with being married to a sailor — not being in charge of where you live, schedules, deployments, etc etc, I have the added bonus that my husband works a 60 hour week at an intensely competitive and high stress job with lots of social commitments and financial expectations.  The regular work day can last well into the night with only a days notice.  2+ week detachments can pop up anytime.  Suddenly Memorial Day weekend can turn into a boat det, for instance…..  (grrrrr)  If there is one thing I have learned to depend on over the years, it is the fact that I can NEVER EVER depend on Ian.  And, let’s face it, his job is exciting and everyone wants to know about it, even lawyers and doctors and maybe even actors.  So wherever we go we have to talk about it ad nauseum.  His family.  My family.  Even my kid is obsessed with military fighter jets.  It doesn’t matter that I have been immersed with it for 13 years and find it kind of BORING by now.  It is still new and exciting to the relatives and whoever else we may encounter.   ‘I take photos of kids and villages’ just does. not. compare.

I admit that I am kind of proud of the fact that finally I have been able to bend his world a little bit to fill MY needs for once.  We have verbal orders to Europe and I just could not be any more ecstatic.  No one gets that it is a SIDE NOTE in my opinion that it is one of the few career-enhancing jobs for him.   Who cares about that!  Can’t it be about ME for once???  I will be traveling and taking photos and for once I can actually say that I am married to an aviator and I live my life overseas!  (Officer and a Gentleman??? anyone???  You know, I AM Paula the Polack…)  We have even fallen into the amazing opportunity to go to Paris this summer.  Ian will be flying in the Paris Airshow thanks to the Boeing Corporation, which will take him to Paris, Copenhagen, and Canada.  Of course, I have to take advantage of the few deals the Navy throws out here and there so I am planning my trip to join up and appreciate his Per Diem.  But, girls, you have GOT to take the opportunities when the come whether they are convenient or not…..  that is for sure.

Cheers to those of us who put up with the backseat in this military life….  :)



dude.  Amanda and Joe are HOT!

It is so tough to be models.





{behind the glass}

what does it feel like to be in a cage???  to be behind the glass?



{wealth, peace, happiness}

Since I am reminescing about Singapore, let me bring you to the Fountain of Wealth……


I suppose we can all use a little help during these tough economic times.  :)

{never-ending rain}

A little bit like Singapore…. it feels like a tropical habitat around here lately.  It is warm and humid and constantly raining.  I suppose I should be glad.  Maybe our lawn will grown green and lush.



{bye bye Roger D}

I am so sad to share that I had to say goodbye to my old pal, Roger the Dodger Dodger Dog on Sunday.  When I returned from vacation he was not in very good shape.  He was old and it was his time.  But I am sad that it was then that we had to part.

He was a wild thing – ADHD dog.  But I will miss his fluffy buns and his butt strangeness, boomer ball and incessant ball-playing.  Any song could be revised to be a song about Roger.  RIP R triple D.


{kids are so free!}

Kids make the best dancers.  Without a doubt.

I was in Detroit this past weekend for my baby cousin’s wedding.  First off, I cannot believe that Krystal is old enough to be MARRIED already!  I remember hitching a ride with my Aunt and Uncle as they were on their way to visit my parents in Minnesota, as their route took them through my new town of Madison, WI .  We took Krystal and Jonathan to the zoo back in those days.  And, as you can see by the photos, they are all grown up!

We had a wonderful time catching up with the family, celebrating on the dance floor, and indulging in cake.  My mom remarked that she could not believe that her grandson was dancing with her other baby sister’s granddaughter.  My, how time flies!




{the motor city}

One of my very favorite parts of traveling down i-94 to visit my relatives in Michigan as a kid was the opportunity to see the big tire.  The hours of anticipation and that split second of joy were enough to get me through the 12 hour trek east from Minnesota.  Well, that and a load of fast food and twizzlers.  It has been a while since I have seen it.  But, conveniently it is located just east of DTW and on my way to Lake St. Clair.  Hmm..  I think it has shrunken a little over the years.  :)