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{look up}

it is all about a change in perspective at times


{tonight is RENEWAL}

I am psyched to attend Renewal tonight.  It will certainly be a mix of ecclectic art pieces and creativity, cool people, and fantastic music.  And, did I mention that three of my pieces will be a part of it????  :)

7pm at the Warehouse in West Ghent —– 1229 West Olney


{white asparagus}

white asparagus:   comes from the process of etiolation, which is the deprivation of light. Dirt is kept mounded around the emerging stalk, depriving it of light. The plant cannot produce chlorophyll without light, thus there is no green color to the stalks.



‘Come here, little kiddo!  I have ice cream!’

Do they do background checks on these ice cream truck drivers?  It just doesn’t seem on the up-and-up to me.


{usually another way}


Is that really set in stone??  What a rigid way to see the world.  I tend to think that there is usually another way.



I have come to an interesting set of crossroads.  An interesting shift that I did not anticipate, I feel a little as though my entire deck has been reshuffled.  Wow!




{addicted to travel}

I have heard the theory that we respond to the world – to our stress and frustrations –  the same way again and again.  As if it is one big cycle, we find ourselves dealing with the same issue over again until we find a way to resolve it.  I believe it is true.  I believe that reaction can be so inherent that we may not even ever recognize it.

I realized recently that I like to leave.

Well, I am just not a girl who can stay in the same spot for very long.  I crave change.  I love to leave.  I love to just get in the car and go or get in the plane and fly away to see and do something different…..  The very act of leaving is cathartic.  I love to explore and experience new things and have a change from the same day to day ….  sameness.  I think it is easy to tune out and ignore the amazing lessons the world has to offer when you stick near home.  You might say that I see the world as my classroom.  I just want to soak in all the knowledge it has to offer.  I cannot imagine a life that is not ever-evolving.

My inherent desire to leave has to contend with an equally inherent fear of the unknown.  But I recognize the lessons I gain from leaving are far more important than the safety that comes from hiding in the land of familiar.  So I am slowly learning to put my fears on the backburner and embrace my desire to discover.

And, so that is exactly what we did for spring break.  Evan and I packed up and left!  :)  We sought the joys of the circus, the warmth of the sun, the love of family, and fun of science.  These things my desk cannot offer.

Of course, we will be doing a LOT of that in the next few years.  I am thoroughly ecstatic about all the adventures on the horizon.  I do believe we are about to embark on the most exciting time of our lives this coming fall!


{art on the web}

So, awhile back I heard of this concept where artists sell limited editions of their work on the internet – therefore reaching a broader audience – for affordable prices – therefore reaching a broader audience.  I admit I find the concept very intriguing.  As an up and coming artist myself, this seems like a fantastic way to put images out into the world for others to appreciate.

To use as an example, a very talented photographer by the name of Boaz Aharonovitch has started the website, i-want-a-print.  I have browsed this site and been rather impressed by the talent I see.  So is this the wave of the future?  Work that might not otherwise be seen is suddenly available anywhere in the world?

Hmmm…  I find myself wondering how I might get my work onto a website like this…..  :)


I am quite giddy about an image transfer I just created for a client.  I must show it off!

And, such a fantastic image of the fog at the edge of our neighborhood.  Overlooked, forgotten, and misunderstood, I find fog to be my favorite.

Susan, I do believe this will look FAB over your couch!




I am so excited to share that I have been notified that all three of the pieces I submitted to Renewal have been accepted.  I am so pleased to show a more detailed display of my PRB Notecards.  😀


{small is not bad}

Small is not bad.  Never under-estimate the power of the little guy.

So much rush-rush-rush to be bigger and better and all of that.  So you get there?  Then what?

That is fine for all of them.  I am more interested in taking my time and building a rock-solid foundation.