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{prb is at the Mayer}

Please stop in to see Here. Now. and Let Go for a limited time!

The opening was last night and a huge success.  I am so content that Here. Now.  will be going to a wonderful and warm home.  What a wonderful feeling to hear how much my image transfer technique is appreciated and admired!  Thank you to all who came to support me and share in the excitement of the evening.

Diving into the art world is such a wonderful adventure on this bend in my life.  I admit I am bubbling over like a little school girl.  Photography is so technical.  Photographers are obsessed with image quality and focus and mega pixels and creating the perfect light.  The project of taking my technical images and turning them into physical art is an enormous triumph for me.  It is through great soul-searching and angst that I discovered and developed my image transfer technique.  I feel it is a symbolic way to bring together the two worlds I adore so much – my art and my photography.  The analog and the digital.  The grungy rough-around-the-edges look truly sums up this artsy girl struggling to find her way in this big scary world.  :)  And, the lessons of my virtual artistic journal, the PRB Notecard series, remind me that it is ok to Let Go and appreciate this wonderful world, Here. Now.

So, Please!  Stop by to see the exhibit before the 21st of March at the Mayer Fine Art Gallery.


{love is everywhere}

Happy Valentines Day


{clarity in the wind}


I’m not the only one who enjoyed some time in the warmth of the sun….

{i just need to chill}

So if it isn’t where I am going and it isn’t my vision and it isn’t what I want then why can’t I let myself off the hook for not doing it???  Someone explain.


I just need to chill.

{the act of leaving}

I always drive past the airport on a mundane day and dream of leaving on a fantastic vacation.  Somehow when I am actually leaving the sense of excitement is deadened by the stress of pulling all the loose pieces together at the end, a bit of uncertainty, and maybe a little bit of fear that all will be ok.  With some rare exceptions, it is typically in hindsight that I appreciate a vacation the most.

So here is my ketchup bottle.  I can open it at anytime and be reminded of the act of leaving from the stress-free comfort of my desk.



….back in town from my Florida vacation……