Monthly Archives: December 2008

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{wish you were here}

Greetings from Yosemite.

Wish you were here.  😉


{rollin’ to the Painted Ladies}

Rolling down the hill is fun.  Rolling down the hill in San Fran is better.  But rolling to the Painted Ladies is quite ultimate.


{prb goes to the left coast}

i love San Fran.

I knew I loved San Fran.

But it had been a couple of years so I had forgotten.





check me out.  I am featured at MC7C right now…..

{the drama runs in the family}

happy holidays from Los Altos, CA


{going back to CALI?? maybe?}


when o when will we arrive in CALI??

They just canceled our flight.  With no explanation.  No sincere applogy.  And, said, SORRY we cannot get you there today.  So we had to do the legwork to demand a new flight on a different airline that has us arrive only a couple hours after our scheduled arrival.  Leaving from a different airport.  On XMAS eve.


NOT ONLY THAT — but United charges such a ridiculous sum per bag ($15 for the first bag and $25 for the second bag) that it was CHEAPER (get this)  CHEAPER to buy a NEW CARSEAT on Amazon and have it shipped to my sister in laws home than it was to PAY TO CHECK the one we already own.  WHAT  IS UP WITH THAT??????

Holiday travels are a joy.

I am reading Holidays on Ice.  THANK GOD for David Sedaris.  For I may not make it through the next week without him.

{i really hate}

I really hate when I decide to go back and read old posts and I find GLARING gramatical and spelling errors.  It is *really* embarassing.

Oh well.

I am sure there are plenty more I have yet to discover.

{i am FREEZING!}

maybe next year……


{happy holidays}

happy holidays from the Burgoons.


{bragging rights}

let me take a moment to shamelessly brag about my gorgeous son!  He is gracing the cover of Rangerfinder Magazine and NPPA this month.  Congratulations to Rich-Joseph Facun, the talented photographer who has won very prestigious awards for his amazing capture of Evan ‘Waiting’ for his daddy to get home from Deployment.



{empty space}

Sometimes it is more about what ISN’T there.


striving for simplicity

{‘peace and love’ means peace and love for everyone…}



a little reminder to step back from the packages and parties to remember what is truly most important this holiday season.


{optimism prevails…. once again}

it always pays to be optimistic.  even if the news is bad – what is there to gain by dwelling beforehand?  optimism prevails.


Ok, so back to our regularly scheduled holiday cheer.   ’tis the season.



You know, this photo doesn’t have the best focus.  I could do much better if given a second shot.  But, alas, I took it two years ago.  I know a lot more now.  I am not in Lisbon nor can I hop a plane for a re-take.  So this is all I have.  It is still a lovely capture even if it isn’t perfection.  Right now the search is not for perfection but for a view of the big picture.

There is no need to think pessimistically at this point in time.  Just hold tight.