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A little interpretive view of Rockefeller Center

{i wanna be a New Yorker………….}

Ok, Crush is officially in love with an amazing city.  I was absolutely right when I mentioned the other day that I just KNEW I would slip into New York and never want to leave.  I believe I could easily make the sacrifices necessary to live life in the city.  Transit by subway seems fantastic to me.  Walking to some of the best food around.  Absolutely.  Hearing constant horn honking.  Ok, fine.  I could get used to it.  Having an excuse to dress in cool clothes all the time?  I could totally do it.  WELL, except one little thing.  Kissing goodbye my life with my military husband just isn’t going to fly (pun totally not intented yet quite fitting).  So in Norfolk I will stay….  😉

soho faux lomo

top of the rock

birds on a wire —  half a block from Times Square

all walks of life

{NYC here I come!}

I cannot believe I have never been to NYC.  When I was in high school this clueless little 17 year old who had never been ANYWHERE determined that I am NOT an L.A. kind of girl.  I am far more suited for NYC.  Over the years that have followed I have been around the world – from coast to coast in the US, North and South, and to Europe and Asia and back again and again.  I am planning my move (if the Navy complies with my desires) to live overseas in the not-so-far future.  If not there than AT LEAST to DC.  And, yet, I have never been to NYC.  For a girl who cannot sit still too long, that is just wrong.  Wrong.

That will change tomorrow…….  I cannot wait to share my photographic discoveries…..  stay tuned.

je suis adule.

{blue sky on a gray day}

Sometimes you just need to see the blue sky on a gray day…..

dream of exploration….

lay in the grass and gaze at the sky

{just an average day}

When did we decide as a society that first graders are supposed to sit still for 6 hours solid soaking in verbal information with only 10 minutes of recess to burn off energy????  and then they must go home and do HOMEWORK?  If they have a hard time doing this they are considered behaviorally problematic?  That instead of focusing on what they excel at, we worry more if they are failing at any point in this over-ambitious system???

Even if the teacher questions this method and finds it challenging for ALL kids he is tied to the required curriculum and expectations of the school system.

I have done some reading of recent and realize that, as a whole, the American educational system is structured to produce compliant followers versus charismatic leaders.  Obedient soldiers who never question why… that is what we praise.


I encourage anyone who is interested or struggling with a child who thinks or acts outside the box to read the book Right-Brained Children in a Left-Brained World by Jeffrey Freed.

My child is incredibly talented and charismatic.  He is very intelligent and observant.  I believe that he is quite possibly the most amazing 6 year old I have ever met in my life and  I swear I am not just a biased mom.  Evan brings smiles to the faces of every single person with whom he comes in contact.  Never, ever does he blend into a crowd.  He is so happy and creative and energetic.  He is a natural leader and totally lacks inhibitions.  Inhibitions in a creative mind will totally paralyze the amazing talents that are hidden within (I know all about that).  So why would I want to force my talented child into a BOX????  That amazing spark he possesses will propel him to do GREAT things – if we let it.  It must be heavily protected and nurtured.

Every day this child must take responsibility for his challenges.  The self esteem can only handle so much.

Let this be a warning to all who come in contact with my child —  I will not let you break him!

I promise that I will be his advocate.  I will no longer apologize for my most vital contribution to this world.


{not feeling so wordy on wednesday}

so I will just share some photos.

i am finding that i really love *LOVE* love that new lens.  Phew.

{saturdays in october}

What a great time of year…..

and what a beautiful evening to enjoy the early fall weather with two amazingly gorgeous and charismatic little girls.  You know, as a kid I just did not have the confidence and spunk of these two little Miss S’s.  Maybe I am just forgetting.  But these little girls were not afraid to share with me all their fantastic ideas for poses OR to tell me how crazy I was!  I loved it.  Creativity and thinking outside the box are my motto.

{the first day of a new chapter}

It is always scary when you take a risk and bring a new instrument into the repertoire.

Strike that.

It is only now scary for me – when I bring a new instrument into the repertoire.  Usually when one tries something new it takes a while to be good at it.  And, I have finally gotten my eye, technique, skills, and equipment into the fine tune that I have been desiring for years.  That also means my personal EXPECTATION is very very high.  I have been rather content with what I create and the style with which I present my interpretation of the world around me.  But I realized something was missing from my work – a something that is not so easy to remedy.  Frankly, I have been relying on this lens that I just do not LOVE.  It is a GREAT lens.  Excellent reviews.  But…  just not….  perfect..  for me.  (You’d think with my appreciation of quirks I would have loved it due to the fact that it SQUEAKED for weeks – months – after I got it used….  Not so much.  It was terrible!  Embarrassing!  Never again will I buy a used lens…  I swear….  Unless I know the previous owner….)  I honestly think only a few of us photographers get this way about our equipment.  I know I am not the ONLY one.  But even though I LOVE my camera, my lens was just not…. home.  So I got this itch.  And, I could not make it go away.

I caved two days ago.

This new lens… showed up today.  it is technical perfection.  A wonder of wonders.  Some of the finest Nikkor glass ever created.  Precision and technology out the wazzooo.  But my work is not about perfection.  Sometimes I do everything I can to make my photos as FLAWED as possible.  So it is scary to have this fine piece of glass in my hands and wonder if it can live up to my ARTISTIC expectations.  For instance, I adore some of the technical IMPERFECTIONS of one of my other lenses but that lens is not a good fit with the camera to which I am strongly addicted.  But that lens gaves my photos a fingerprint, eccentricity, and a sense of surprise that might only be found otherwise in a holga.

There is no doubt this new lens is spectacular.  I could tell within the first couple of shots while it was still on my LCD that this new lens is spectacular.  I mean, HOLY WOW! is it spectacular.

But is it PRB????

I don’t want to speak too soon.  But I think I love it.

{random finds}

This post is about some random tidbits……  as it seems I have been tagged by Mare!!!

The rules:
1. Post the rules on your blog.
2. Write 7 random things about yourself.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post.
4. Pass on the tag.

Before I start, I want to share that I am a quirky person and I have a number of random oddities.  Far more than seven.  So I had to narrow down this list.  But I will not bore you beyond seven.

1) I am left handed and rather proud of it.

Somehow I always reveled in the things that made me unique in my nuclear family.  I am the only youngest, I (was) the only blond, and I am left handed.  Handedness resides deep in who we are, believe it or not, and I always embraced my different take on the world versus my right-handed compatriots.  Whether it was the fact that I used different scissors, I looked different when I was at bat, I never fit into the regular desk, or my hand was always smeared with the pencil from my assignment, I LOVED being left handed.  It made me feel gifted and special.  I truly believe that my artistic think-outside-the-box self is hidden somewhere on that left-handed gene.

2) I used to be a natural blond.

Yes, it is true.  And, I used to insist that my mom style my hair ‘air plane’.  Two wings on the side and one in the back.  uh huh.

(that was back before I knew my life would revolve around air planes….)

The truth is – it has been a very very very long time since anyone has seen my natural hair color.  But suffice it to say it is more dishwater than towhead — but no matter what color I choose it always goes red…

3) I feel the strong desire to make something out of nothing

It is that strong desire to make something out of nothing that drives my creativity.  Ingenuity.  It is also that desire that puts me in a perpetual state of re-organization.  I am always convinced that I can make things better.  I excel at repositioning, reorganizing, and repurposing.  In fact, I find the act of reorganizing to be invigorating and cathartic.

4)  I have faith in the number three.

I was first intrigued by the number three when my third dog (appropriately named Tier) turned three on 3/3/83.  Then, in sixth grade, the subject I desperately wanted for our special assignment was MINE when I guessed ‘3’.  From then on it has been magic to me.  Sometimes I make important decisions based on whether or not it is divisible by three.  I truly believe – when in doubt, pick C – on a multiple choice exam.  In the end, my family consists of three people.  That is how I am certain that three is the magic number.

as an aside, the space shuttle Challenger blew up on my 13th birthday.  I do not have faith in the number 13.

5)  Deep in my heart I am actually a Michiganian.

Most of you know that I grew up in Minnesota.  However, I did not move there until I was in first grade.  Somehow I never really took on the identity as a Minnesotan.  I always felt like an uproot and was quick to leave as soon as I had the chance.  Maybe because my mom always hated Minnesota?  I am not sure.  I suppose I am a girl without a hometown.  But even though my memories of Michigan are rather vague, somehow that feels like my long lost home.

6) I suffer from way-too-honest-disease

Much the opposite of the facade most people put on, I wear my heart on my sleeve.  The pitfall is that I have had to learn through heartbreak that most others are not so open and honest.

7)  I intend to write a book some day.

I have been writing my book in my head for about a decade now.  I am not sure what the topic will be just yet.  But keep your eye out for my name at Barnes and Noble.

OK – TAG!  You’re it!  Tiffani Tisha Melissa Amanda Jill Trisha Stacey

More of my oddities keep popping into my head —-  my sudden and insane drive to experience new places and things and cultures, my insistence that I walk on the left side, my over-use of post it notes – so much so that I hid my post it holder in a drawer and yet I keep reaching in for more……, the reason that I tag most of my posts with the name ‘Brian’, my previous obsession with 11:11…, I have been keeping my shoe obsession under control lately but it could burst at any time, I own about 100 lipglosses and most of them are in my purse at any given time…  my very spontaneous decision-making habit (but as if by getting hit by lightning, when I know something I KNOW it)….  the way I save one bite of my favorite thing for last so the memory of the meal is as great as possible…   now that i have opened the flood gates they just will not stop!  How does Ian put up with me????  I suppose he evens me out because he is NOT quirky and yet he doesn’t make me feel insane because I AM quirky.

I would like to note that I am surely FAR less random than *Brian*.  And, I am only related to him by law.


i met up with a friend for coffee today.  Jess, it was so wonderful to hang out and talk shop.  THANKS!  I can’t help but think about our conversation and ponder how afraid most people are to hear their own voice.


what is it that makes us so afraid to show who we really are?  so afraid that someone might find the key that would expose our soul?

do we think people will only see the scars?  that small part of the big picture that might be viewed as a flaw.

what lurks behind the locked gate is beautiful.

what a shame this isn’t out there for everyone to see.

not everyone is afraid to speak up and be heard.

I am very thankful for the people who put themselves out there.  I would have just walked on by and minded my own business.  But Jack spoke up.  We came in contact – interacted – and for a short while we shared in this universe for whatever strange reason……..  Thanks for speaking up, Mr. Goldhorn!  And, thank you for making Norfolk such a great place.

{some new friends}

while we were perusing the Neptune Festival art booths on Sunday, we met some new friends we HAD to invite to join our family.

May I introduce….


and Stretchy….

i am such a sucker for crafty art pieces.  And, these yardbirds were just calling my name!

Look for them in the future.  Something tells me you might see them pop up in future photos…

Also of notable mention, in MY opinion, were the wonderful altered polaroid photographs by Sandra Russell.  I had to pick up a couple of those, also.  Happy Pup and London Welcome are such amazing works of art!  I love polaroids.  I cannot believe they are discontinued!  SAVE THE POLAROIDS!!!!