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some more beach

partly because i am bragging about my fab photos and partly as a demonstration that a photoshoot at the beach with prb will NOT look like the standard white-shirt-and-khaki-pants deal… I present more photos….

nope. i am not afraid to get my toes wet here at prb. neither should you.

Disney/Pixar’s Wall-E

Has anyone out in prb-viewingland seen Wall-E yet?? We have been impatiently awaiting the latest Pixar movie for months now. So as soon as it hit the theaters the Burgoons were THERE. I admit that I walked into the theater unsure of what to expect. I was actually very surprised by the strong message Disney made with this movie (although I suggest they do a little bit of looking in the mirror here…. if I see Wall-E merchandise the next time I am at Target I will be ROLLING MY EYES. And, it was fairly simple to visualize the next ride at Disneyworld) I am not a movie recapper/reviewer and will keep my comments brief. But I have to admit I found the movie incredibly depressing. The sad loneliness of this sweet little guy made me want to cry! The terrible lack of respect for the planet – our utter wastefulness – the sad truth of our political system which does not necessarily take into account what is best for the greater good – our lazy compliance. It was quite appalling and yet so horribly true. However, it was an excellent story with an important message and very well done. Evan loved it. Every last moment of it. It was very well-received by this almost-six-year-old.

Bravo to Pixar for having the courage to stand with a critical eye.

different point of view.

the beach is so…. cliche…. I was just discussing with a client today how popular and yet how B.O.R.I.N.G. the typical beach photoshoot tends to be. Not only is it not particularly appealing aesthetically, it is not even fun! So I felt inspired to see something DIFFERENT this evening when Ian mentioned that he wanted to take his kite out to Oceanview for a little family outing.

These photos are very consistent with my current obsession – the sun. They totally rock the edge. I am absolutely crushing on them. For the moment. Love ’em. prb.

I will also totally admit it was so fun to spend the evening with an old partnership – my D2X and my Sigma 14mm. Yes, for fear of getting sand in my…. ahem…. lens…  I left my D3 at home.  You know, those two were really made for each other and I actually miss them…. So glad I didn’t sell. Yes, I am talking about camera equipment as though they are my friends. Maybe it is because I saw the intense Disney Pixar movie Wall-E today…..

Oh, and Lucky – my credit to the awesome Black and white conversion you created and gave out for FREE. It is awesome….

another session with my fave newborn

I actually begged for another session with sweet little Philip today!  It is not often I come by a newborn!  I have to maximize the first 10 days while I can!

Cheer’s to his mom for allowing me to go into my edgy newborn lala land.  I love what I have gotten thus far…  More great ones to come!

here’s to the lucky stars.

I just truly did not have a good 24 hours last week Thursday-Friday. No siree. The iPhone flying into the loo first thing in the morning was the least of my worries. Oh so little I knew at the time.

That was when I should have known it was going to be a bad 24 hours. Naively, I went about my business. I mean, it can only get BETTER after an iPhone in the toilet, right? WRONG.

So evening approaches. It is a nice evening. I KNOW! I will take a run while Evan rides his scooter. Fresh smoke filled air! (if you don’t live in Norfolk than you don’t realize we have a terrible problem with the smoke from a nearby wildfire enveloping our environment.)

So, after getting locked out of my house on Thursday night after a nice run because the keypad on my garage door seems to suddenly be fickle I attempted to break a double-paned garage window and failed but DID get a shard of glass in my eye in the process and finally broke in thru a window thru which I hoisted my willing and very heroic child. I thought FOR SURE by then my drama had ended….. I was wrong. Again.

I woke up to the swish of tree branches out my window around 7:30 am.

I had ASSUMED I would be spending my morning cleaning glass from my lock debacle. No it seems my neighbor’s enormous TREE decided to take up residence on my garage and land smack-dab in the middle of my glass pile….

So FRIDAY my entire day revolved around getting the MASSIVE tree that decided it was done with life OFF of my property. That required a very large crane and a crew of 5 very cool guys, 2 Grand, and an eagle eye on my narrow street to convince my neighbors of WHY they may not park in front of their house for a few hours.

My spot in the neighborhood is very much a sleeper of a street. That became apparent when my tree became the first annual neighborhood block party.

Zoiks. $2000 will get YOU a block party, too. IF you play your cards right. Next time lets do it at YOUR house. Deal?

Assessment? Shit ONLY happens while hubby is away……

Next lesson – do NOT try to upgrade software on your POS laptop after a very very trying day. Not good. not good at all. Oh well. My dear absentee husband saved my bacon in that department and I was able to play with the fun images I created during the chaos.

And, then life becomes peaceful again. Back to a little bit of normal. You see, at this point I felt as though I was walking bad luck. But as I browse this photo days later I realize it is much the opposite. I am rather LUCKY. In the photo below you will see the tree next to my house is shaped like a Y. On the upper right hand section of the Y there is yet another Y. The top of that GINORMOUS tree branch got caught in that Y. I guess I should stop to see the message in this – stop asking Y and just say THANK YOU that it did not hit my house OR do any structural damage to my garage (or my beloved MINI!)

And, so I am thanking my lucky stars that we are all alright.

Here Here! To lucky stars!

the prb happy dance!!!!

After weeks.  WEEKS.  Maybe even a MONTH of complete and powerless frustration, exasperation, insanity, depression I think the PRB team has nailed down my computer issues.  Photoshop is running like the SHIZZLE!!!!  I am ready for a PAR-TAY!  Look out for a round of virtual drinks ON ME if you are my facebook friend.  WOOO HOO!!!!!!


That means I can finally begin to move forward again.  Funny how life comes to a screeching halt when you are a digital photographer and you lose your computer for weeks.


back in business????


don’t want to talk too soon…..  but I may be back in business with all my horrible computer problems.  MAY be.



Anyhow, had a photo shoot today.  I will save the dialog and share the photo.  It says it all. 




Maybe I will share some of my tree-on-the-garage photos tomorrow if I am feeling motivated…..



Ok, I have been very quiet here at PRB.  Troubleshooting for weeks… and utterly failing… to fix my main computer has not only made me VERY frustrated, it has also sucked my life away!  When was the last time I touched my camera???  Shame.  Well, I gave in and sent my beloved G5 (which is about to get dumped to the curb) to Apple.  I fear they will tell me I have bad RAM and send it back to me.  After a 24 hour loop testing of every speck of RAM that came back with not a single sign of an error I have doubts that is the case but it is my psychic premonition that will be the excuse that they give me…  just watch.  and in the meantime it will continue to crash on me after every single RAW file…

Anyhow, I have managed myself out of the house once or twice in the past week to get a little fresh air.  I had to fill my gas tank yesterday as I was running on fumes.   As I began to fill I saw the previous pumper had put $15 dollars into their tank for a grand total of 3.7 gallons.  Wow.  It struck me how HARD it must be for the teenaged/early 20’s new driver these days.  I have memories of Pensacola with my new husband rolling up in our fancy sports car we could not afford on fumes and putting in $5 dollars of gas with hopes that would hold us until the next paycheck half a week away!  I also have memories of filling up that SAME sports car a year later in Meridian, MS for $1 per gallon!  Yes, a full tank of gas for $13.  And, yesterday I put $52 worth of gas into my MINI COOPER.  $52.  To fill a freakin’ MINI.  That is wrong.  

I really feel for the young and broke 20 somethings right now…….   That is all I have to say.

school’s out…. for the summer…

This is it. He is no longer a kindergartner. Thank you so much to Mrs. Kitterman. Quite possibly the BEST K teacher on the entire planet……. We will miss you next year!!!!

stroll down memory lane….

Seems that the last day of kindergarten is upon us tomorrow. Where o where did the year go?

I always take plenty of photos of my favorite little model – nothing Earth shattering in that. I AM a photographer. But it is always fun for me to do a little comparison. So for the fun of a walk down memory lane I present the following….

First day of Pre K – 09-06

Last day of Pre K – 05-07

First day of Kindergarten – 09-07

And the day of kindergarten graduation….

Seems we have gained a little ‘tude along the way…

Here’s to discovering untapped resources….

Talk about a wealth of photographic material here in my backyard… literally….  

How can little C be 6 months old, already???  It is true.  It is time for another shoot with my latest baby client.  I have been with this family for years now and am so sad to share that they are MOVING!!!  :-(  Oh well, maybe we will cross paths again somewhere along the way!  Not such a crazy idea given that there are only THREE bases where F-18’s fly………  (as long as it isn’t Lemoore where we connect again I will be content….  Did I just jinx myself??)

He is a good boy.  Anyone who can brave the intense heat here in Norfolk and not make a peep of a complaint is quite the little trooper.  

and here is another…..


went to harborfest….. in the 100 degree weather…..

these were taken with my iPhone. God PRAISE the Apple Product.

crush says ‘be your own you’

cheers to the unique and creative heart


prb Goes OneLight