me. 6 words by 7 lines.

i don't believe in coincidences. ever.

i will make the world better

experience is the ultimate education. go.

gravity's pull is a brilliant force.

beauty surrounds me. i create it.

nothing in life is ever concrete

being understood is overrated. don't wait.







***gray seas***



_PRB7154 copy

***it is actually real***

it all really happened

this image does not look anything like how my eye saw it

at the time.


it did happen.

it is a sunburst

and it really happened

the sky is super dark

because it really happened

with my infrared-converted digital camera

the picture looks crazy distorted

but it really happened

because i used a fish-eye attachment

on my lensbaby


i could have done all of this for a lot cheaper

with a couple of third party actions in photoshop




i should create a photoshop brush

that makes a tree

and i could customize it to be any size

or shape

and i would never have to leave the house again!

to make a landscape photograph



***aerial perspective***

valley air

a wonderful way

to demonstrate

aerial perspective


***you are now leaving Photographic Reality***

You are now leaving

Photographic Reality

Welcome a parallel universe

of stick thin figures

shifted color

and dramatic sky lines



_PRB9900 copy copy




you may read it how ever you want



but I am HAPPY!


I guess I am done now.

back to normal.



sitting in silence

hiding from claws


is lost

_PRB5933 copy



***bye bye***


bye bye

fly fly away

i am not even looking at you





strength and breath

foundation nearly unmovable


from the soul

Lion096 copy





***til death do us part***

til’ death do us part

some scratches and claw marks

along the way

but here we are

not one of us


to budge


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